About Us

Parimal Textiles believes in leadership through excellence. We strive to achieve excellence through a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. As an organization, we believe in well thought-out consistent growth and a consciously conservative approach. We are committed to investing in the business with initiatives directed at long-term sustainability.

Our customers are our best teachers and central to all operational processes. We have the largest range of textile products across fiber (acrylic), yarn & fabrics and have the flexibility to produce a wide range of products. With our sophisticated design and sampling capabilities, we act as an extended design partner for our clients.

Employees are our biggest asset and highest differentiating factor. At the Parimal Textiles, we have a culture of empowerment that values and respects individual potential and helps each one achieve it to the fullest. Our people own their jobs and not just perform them.

As a corporate citizen, we place immense value on ethics and good corporate governance. We believe in being compliant with the laws and fulfill our mandated commitments. We are one of the few companies to consciously fulfill our social responsibilities and invest into keeping our environment clean.